Our mission: to create greater public understanding of the complications of breast cancer treatment while meeting the needs of breast cancer patients and their families through community support, sharing of information on good breast health, and research intended to prevent and cure breast cancer.

A group of pathologists, breast cancer survivors, breast cancer patient providers, and others who are passionately committed to patients, banded together to send a message regarding the patients, friends, families and colleagues who bear the consequences of the terrible diseases that we see in a more detached fashion every day.

Bold for the Cure, with a Board of Directors that includes 18 members from across the country, plans to sponsor events in multiple locations at which volunteers shave their heads in order to diminish the stigma sometimes attached to one of the more challenging consequences of cancer treatment (chemotherapy related hair loss) while also raising money to support breast cancer patients and breast cancer research.

For our discipline it is an opportunity to explore new and novel ways in which we might make a difference in patients' lives beyond what we accomplish in the course of our daily work.

Join us in making a difference.



Board of Directors.

Kimberly Allison: University of Washington
Billie Jo Bennett: University of Michigan
Robert Blackburn: American Cancer Society 

Tara Breslin: University of Michigan

Stephanie Buczek: DaVinci’s Salon and Gallery

Patricia Chevez-Barrios: The Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX

Julia Dahl: The Med

Celina Kleer: University of Michigan

Kristine Knopka: The University of Texas, Houston

Bonnie Lawlor: University of Michigan

Peter Lucas: University of Michigan

Beth Minors: University of Michigan

Kisha Mitchell: Yale University

Jeffrey Myers: University of Michigan

Michelle Pederson: Mayo Clinic

Marilyn Rigney: Springfield, IL

J. Jordi Rowe: Cleveland Clinic

Fred Silva: United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology

Lindsaya VanDeusen: Zaya Artistry, Redford, MI

Daniel Visscher: Mayo Clinic